Cu+ Doorhandle.

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up to a million people get infected by highly resistent bacteria in hospitals in germany every year. about 40.000 of them die. the highest contamination is found on touch surfaces, even when they are cleaned regulary.



copper has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that kill 99% of bacteria on its surface.
copper is easily malleable, affordable and versatile in its appearance due to different alloys.



we were to design a product which can be produced using the hydroforming process.
the model was made by hard foam (ureol) and was electroplated, to get it as close to the real look and feel as possible.



form follows function: edged design reduces touchsurface and minimizes the use of various components. the ergonomic handle and matching doorplate create an abacterial and safe environment for the user. design and form can be used on other touch surfaces to create a corporate identity of safe surface areas.