Erlkoenig Barklub.


the new „erlkoenig barklub“ was meant to break new ground in the student-town erlangen: industrial flair and architecture, metropolis feeling combined with finest drinks that have never been served here before. the idea was to create a corporate design that went well with the clubs interior while conveying the clubs/bars avant-garde philosophy.



„erlkönig“ (or „erlkoenig“) is german for goethes poem „erlking“, but also describes a disguised prototype (car). those cars are well known for their patterned bodyworks in black and white.
thus the logo is also illustrating a hidden crown in the letter „e“.



simple, reduced and „industrial“: the logo can easily be used in different sizes and media. the corporate design uses a lot of white space combined with a modern typewriter font and
high quality, uncoated paper when printed. stamps are used to create an „eroded“ and distinct look.
a reduced version of the logo allows more flexibility in print and web media without losing value of brand recognition.