Kembar Lamp.


the idea was to create a lamp for a fellow student in the role of a client, incorporating his personality and personal preferences into the project.
the person i did this project for was born in indonesia. he‘s a modest and quiet person who likes to see the beauty in the simple things in life.
he also always forgets to turn his light of when he goes to sleep.



the fellow student has a twin sister. in indonesian, „kembar“ means „twin“, which is reflected in the two sticks in the design.



the lamp was supposed to be simple, with a slim silhouette, a puristic design and efficient in both power consumption and easy usability.
illumination that „thinks“ and meets the different needs of the user.



The brightness is controlled by a proximity sensor. the primary led strips will work on full brightness if you are working at your desk. If you move away from the lamp, the brightness lessens and the secondary, warm “mood-led” takes over.

The result is an intuitive lighting experience which permanently saves power and makes the lamp a perfect accessory in your room.

// programming done with ARDUINO



kembar lamp is a table lamp made from natural materials (wood, copper and cloth) with two lighting units. The lamp is easily adjusted by a screw-cap and
can be customized continuously in height and inclination.
When flipped to passive mode, the kembar lamp becomes a „silent object“ on your desktop and with the secondary lightning unit, a mood for evening hours in your room is easily created.

The modest design allows the play of colors in the wood layers to add an additional touch and – by doing so – is completing the combination of design and technology.