‘Rocking’ The Future.

group project
at the head of yeong cham (mal).



„rocking the future“! creating a new rocking chair concept that is new, interesting and weird at the same time. thinking outside the box and promting questions. a chair that can be dangerous to sit on and teasing the user, making them curious to find out what it feels like.



51 cubes made of solid wood were used to create a „rocking sofa“ that seems solid at first, but is unstable once you take a seat.
it is meant to be sculptural and maverick, using simple, seemingly static cubes combined with a „hovering“ visual effect.



the cubes are connected by rubber poles that allow the segments to move around up to a certain extent once weight is distributed across it.
this creates a „floating“ or „swimming“ feeling that is – given that the fact the chair is made of hard spruce wood – pretty comfortable and a lot of fun to sit on too.



Matthias Fischer
Julia Weissbrod
Melanie Steigerwald
Johannes Jank